Thursday, January 2, 2014


Recently there has been a widespread feeling of dissatisfaction among the people of my country, due to the rise in costs of living. So much so that it led to the recently concluded "TURUN" rally which supposedly was to urge the government to lower living costs. My problem in the whole scheme of things is that 1) I agree the government should do something to  keep the economy afloat and the price increase is justifiable to a certain extent. However at the same time this brings me to problem number 2) The government should also start cutting the salaries of the members of parliament, and other higher ranking officials who are earning salaries higher than 15K a month as well as stop this need for government aid to the people because this is what is draining our economy in the first place.

In addition to this issue, I personally believe that members of the opposition should not even participate in events such as "TURUN" because they too are partly the reason why the country is going arse over tit. They earn just as much as the Government officials do, but yet because it is a "Government" decision to increase prices they feel that they can latch on to the feeling of dissatisfaction for their own gains. At the end of this diatribe i feel that there is a need for everyone to have some minor knowledge about economics because then and only then can they rationally decide whether or not the price hikes are justified instead of just jumping on the band wagon because prices have risen.

Think For Yourselves For Once People,
Ash "The Dashing" Li

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