Thursday, January 19, 2017

IslamoFascism and Its Adherents

It has been a very long time since i have last blogged. What spurred me to post, i guess it goes back to the recent New Years Eve celebrations and what not, whilst sending Amy back to her  apartment in my car, we were visited by the local residents association doing a neighborhood patrol against vice, and they came up to my car which had its headlights on the windows clear and the engine on in a public area waving their flashlights. Upon seeing this thinking nothing of it i lowered my window to see what the particular member of the patrol wanted, He saw Amy in the car just getting ready to go up to her apartment and asked if she and I were married, to which i replied no we are not and i am just dropping her off and that we were having a conversation before being so rudely interrupted, His response, "Drop her off and be on your way or we will call JAIS (the state religious authorities) to which i replied Call them. Amy not wishing to aggravate the situation decided it was better for her to exit the car and go up to her apartment.

The next morning i awake to the news that in one of the north eastern states 52 couples were apprehended by the states religious authorities for riding in tandem Male/Female  claiming that it is in breach of the state religious laws on close proximity. Now here is the issue, unless you suspect these couples on motorcycles are jerking each other off whilst they are riding in tandem, what right have you to impede on another persons personal rights in the name of a higher moral authority.

Malaysia is slowly becoming an IslamoFascist state and the problem is that the moderate muslims are allowing to become so, they are allowing the rise of moral and "religious" policing in contravention to federal laws that state that a person may not be deprived of liberty by any other authority besides that of the police or the military. But yet Malays act like sheep to the slaughter in fear of what their society will say or What some dude in a white headdress will say God's will is. Islam is a religion of peace but it has long been besmirched by the Idiocy of Man