Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Just a few days ago a prominent politician came to Sarawak and participated in a talk just outside the campus of my university. Why that area? The answer is that it is a very student populated area, again cheap theatrics for politicians to garner votes. All so they can come into government and line their pockets. It makes me sick how influenced youths can get these days. Politics is the second oldest profession in the world the first being prostitution. it shows how morally abhorrent politics really is. politicians are second to prostitutes and most politicians really are prostitutes, because they sell themselves to the people with money aka the corporations or other states.

In my opinion  the only true form of perfect governance is a form of idealist socialism in which adhering to the true essence of Marxism there would be no government but rather a system where everyone monitors each other's professional lives and their private lives are regulated by the individuals themselves unless it violates the UN charter of Human rights. Which is why I support the Idea of Voter Apathy. Why vote for a government who lines their pockets whilst their are people suffering on the streets. Yes I agree the government has done a lot for the people, maintaining the various subsidies and providing resources for the people however if these politicians contributed at least 25% of their salary and money they receive from their "business" deals to progressing the State, I would be less inclined to be apathetic to politics however I doubt it will ever change because Human Nature is just so fucked up.

Veritas est Quaestio