Thursday, May 2, 2013


Recently there has been a documentary about how the current chief minister of Sarawak is basically selling the natural resources of the state to the highest bidder while lining his pockets. The question is why the fuck do the westerners care so much about the corruption here?

The Sarawakians aren't dumb they know that the current Chief Minister is a massive douche, the thing is what does exposing the corruption help, Logging is still going to happen regardless of whether or not  the "white hair" is in power. Furthermore what right to these outsiders have to criticize us when they haven't the balls to criticize their own governments. Look at the United States, if they really wanted to do something positive for indigenous communities then why don't they give back all the land stolen from the Native Americans.

Corruption is Human Nature, regardless of what all the idealists say no one is free from corruption, So instead of making documentaries highlighting the negative  political aspects of a country you have no business being involved in, how's about you focus on making documentaries of people trying to make the nation a better place or even better get of their arses and come to the streets of KL when the sun goes down and volunteer yourselves.



The concept of voting in this nation makes me laugh to my core, Everyone seems to think that hey the governments really bad that's why we should go and vote for the opposition and counter the votes of the illegal immigrants. But really are you people truly voting for a better country or are you voting because you want to give another corrupt regime the chances of making their already fat wallets overflow.

People ask me why I am not going back to vote, and I always reply "No, what benefit does it give me knowing that regardless of what happens whether one party wins or the other party wins, the only one's who benefit are the politicians who get into power?" Then people choose to disregard me because since I am not voting I have no right to criticize the government right?.. Wrong, regardless of whether I vote or not I still have a right to criticize what the "power" holders do. I pay taxes in that i pay taxes on the things I consume in my daily life, this gives me a stake in what I want to see the government truly focus on.

I love my country, but if I was ever going to vote it would be to vote for myself.

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