Friday, January 3, 2014

An Open Letter To Most of my Countrymen with Half a Brain

Dear sir's and Madams,

Recently the whole issue on the word "Allah" has been thrust into the limelight of our local media, where a raid by the Selangor Religious Department (JAIS) illegally apprehended members of the Bible society of Malaysia, on the reason of them distributing bibles that still referred to God as "Allah". Now there are stories of a protest that is going to be conducted whilst Christians are having their Sunday Mass by a group of Muslims. Since when did we revert to the days of Ignorance a.k.a Jahilliyah, why are we so worried that the usage of a word such as Allah will corrode the faith of the Muslims. Why is it that we are repeating the mistakes of the Catholics in the 15th Century that is the religious Inquisition, too root out "threats" to the faith.

Why do we always force others to accept our dominance, for is not the most dominant one the God of our faith. Does not God, Allah, Yahweh or whatever you choose to call the supreme being, say that we must respect one another, and not fight amongst each other. My friends what is needed is more critical thought over our own actions, we should not condemn those who we feel are wrong just because they are of a different belief than us, instead we should engage each other in dialogue and we will see that there is no difference between us. Alas, i know the people who really need to be enlightened by these words i have written will not be enlightened as they are too busy fanning the flames of hate and ignorance, but for those who do, please take a moment to ponder as to the beauty of all religions and how all religions are in fact one regardless of the semantics and distinctions that are made by those who claim to know better, for did not the supreme being give us all minds to think with.

Shalom Aleichem, Asalamualaikum, and Peace be Upon you all.


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