Thursday, November 15, 2012


Why do we allow religion to dictate our lives and our state?
The recent attack on Gaza and the response has shown me religion is just a tool used by bureaucrats in bowler hats to inflame the masses. Looking back at this issue of Israel-Palestine both states are in the wrong and this conflict is further enhanced by the growing "Islamisation" of the middle eastern region. The quotation marks on the word i use above serves the simple purpose of showing how the bureaucrats use peoples fears and beliefs to control them, the fear of not being a good muslim or even the fear of deviating from the norms of that state, this is what allows these regimes to control the will, beliefs and movement of its people.

This we can see in this "dear" country of mine if i may be so bold. which claims to be a country that allows the freedom to profess any religion so long as you don't propagate to a muslim. Now the question here is why not propagate to a muslim? if that muslim is so staunch in his faith how can he be led astray, furthermore doesn't this allow for much healthier discourse between faiths?, doesn't this also allow for the expansion of ideas? Look at Al-Andalus in it's prime where everyone lived peacefully and this discourse of knowledge was so vast that it encouraged the construction of the worlds most beautiful library in Cordova. 

Again the idea of non-propagation to muslims is not only harmful but also extremely hypocritical. Why you may ask? because in my lifetime i have never heard prayers blasted over a loudspeaker by a christian preacher, or a hindu priest or even a buddhist monk, but yet all mosques use these loudspeakers not only for the call to prayer but to also preach especially in University hostels, which although consist of majority muslims still has a sizeable non-muslim community. Is this not "forceful" propagation of islam? I am all for preachers giving their sermons in mosques but when they preach over a loudspeaker to the general populace i believe this is a forceful propagation of ideas.

Islam is a religion of peace and acceptance but today we can only be known as extremists or Jihadists.

To whoever reads this, this is my own personal view and I am entitled to it as are you entitled to yours, if i have said something disagreeable then comment and we can have healthy discourse.