Monday, December 24, 2012


I find it ridiculously annoying and irritating the amount of religious mumbo jumbo posted by my "friends" on facebook. Firstly i support that you are entitled to your beliefs but come on guys don't shove it in peoples faces...If you want to write all your religious dribble please get a blog so at least then you are not giving people like me an eyesore.


Thursday, November 15, 2012


Why do we allow religion to dictate our lives and our state?
The recent attack on Gaza and the response has shown me religion is just a tool used by bureaucrats in bowler hats to inflame the masses. Looking back at this issue of Israel-Palestine both states are in the wrong and this conflict is further enhanced by the growing "Islamisation" of the middle eastern region. The quotation marks on the word i use above serves the simple purpose of showing how the bureaucrats use peoples fears and beliefs to control them, the fear of not being a good muslim or even the fear of deviating from the norms of that state, this is what allows these regimes to control the will, beliefs and movement of its people.

This we can see in this "dear" country of mine if i may be so bold. which claims to be a country that allows the freedom to profess any religion so long as you don't propagate to a muslim. Now the question here is why not propagate to a muslim? if that muslim is so staunch in his faith how can he be led astray, furthermore doesn't this allow for much healthier discourse between faiths?, doesn't this also allow for the expansion of ideas? Look at Al-Andalus in it's prime where everyone lived peacefully and this discourse of knowledge was so vast that it encouraged the construction of the worlds most beautiful library in Cordova. 

Again the idea of non-propagation to muslims is not only harmful but also extremely hypocritical. Why you may ask? because in my lifetime i have never heard prayers blasted over a loudspeaker by a christian preacher, or a hindu priest or even a buddhist monk, but yet all mosques use these loudspeakers not only for the call to prayer but to also preach especially in University hostels, which although consist of majority muslims still has a sizeable non-muslim community. Is this not "forceful" propagation of islam? I am all for preachers giving their sermons in mosques but when they preach over a loudspeaker to the general populace i believe this is a forceful propagation of ideas.

Islam is a religion of peace and acceptance but today we can only be known as extremists or Jihadists.

To whoever reads this, this is my own personal view and I am entitled to it as are you entitled to yours, if i have said something disagreeable then comment and we can have healthy discourse.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The idea of justice on an international level is a very biased idea, in the sense that the only crimes that are investigated are the crimes of individuals in middle eastern, African and Asian countries and very few western countries. Why? because no matter how much the UN claims to be unbiased they are still subservient to America due to their status as a "superpower" but really what merits them this status? the only thing they have is guns and obesity, the only time they contribute to "humanitarian" aid is when it can bring positive effects to them a.k.a control of oil reserves.

So why don't we have a International Criminal Court that is truly international in the sense that all countries superpowers included must adhere to the Rome statute and criminals from countries such as America, Great Britain. Germany and such are also tried at this level. won't this situation show the essence of true and unbiased international Law

Heshalom aleichem.

Friday, March 23, 2012


What is a Malay? According to the Government approved version of the Islamic and Asian Civilisation reference book the Malay Civilisation is characterized by 3 things, firstly the race that is the genetic similarities in a person originating from the Malay archipelago, secondly the language in which the people converse and finally my personal favourite, Culture, which defined in said reference book is the beliefs and actions based on the Islamic faith and Malay traditions...Now the Malay community arrived in the archipelago some 5000 years ago and they only became "civilized" by the coming of Islam in the 12th century.

This Is the biggest load of falsehoods to ever reach my ears, The Malay civilization was originally a civilization based on the Hindu faith, Unfortunately many Malays choose to forget that they were all descended from Hindu's somewhere in their ancestry and further state that the Indians are the ones who took on "Malay" traditions for themselves.

There is no such thing as a pure Malay... and i would even go as far a saying that there is no such thing as a "Malay civilization" because the only true "Malay civilizations" are those community's of aboriginal people who were chased from their homes by individuals wishing to expand their influence on the land that was so rich with resources.

So what is a Malay?

I wish to understand and not be told the Constitutional definition of a Malay because if you used that definition a group of chinese migrants who came to Malaya in the 1800's and started family's which then converted to Islam and mastered the Malay language can also be called Malay.

Knowledge is the essence of life
Corrupted knowledge leads to a tainted soul.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The knowledge of human society has been in academia since the early ages of the world in the Greek civilization. However it has slowly been modified to fit the current era of thought. Unfortunately we see that this knowledge is not one that is being properly developed thanks in part to the role of religion in this day and age. However the use of religion to prevent the development of this area of knowledge is not a new concept. Socrates was sentenced to death for questioning why things were the way they were in his time, he irritated a few greek officials with his questions and this resulted in him being sentenced to drinking a concoction of hemlock and other poisonous substances.

We see that today the exact same is happening, when a person questions the role of their governments they are deemed as radicals and are either imprisoned or charged with sedition,blasphemy and so on. After more than 2000 years of civilization we are still repeating the mistakes of the past, we are still regressing for fear of advancement.

Religion in its essence should be a sponge rather than its current state in which it rejects any foreign ideas no matter how logical they are. For example the Quran, it was given to the Prophet Mohammad p.b.u.h to advance the people of his era. However as the era's evolved we see that the Quran too has evolved that is in the aspect of what people interpret it to say. When in the Prophet's time women's rights were upheld we see that today in secular Muslim societies that the rights of the women are being oppressed. When a new idea or interpretation of the Quran is suggested, the person who suggested it is deemed a heretic, an infidel by the powers of authority who managed to rule thanks to their own interpretation of the Quran.

Now I am not saying that Islam is a terrible religion, nor am I saying other religions are better or worse, I am just stating that mankind has always used all necessary means to have control over the masses, and this in fact is a hard truth that many people refuse to accept.

My wish is that people would allow the unrestricted flow of knowledge because then the world would be a much better place.

With that I rest my case


Friday, March 9, 2012


Its funny how people these days are so scared of what other's might think, Scared of the social stigma that may inflict them should they refuse to conform. The funniest thing is that this fear is used by people in authority to control these scared individuals. I will be talking of course on the issues pertaining to Starbucks being Haram, Yoga being Haram, and whatever else the current "educated" religious individuals decide to put a Fatwa on.....

First let me contextualize, a few days ago i was walking back from class with my classmate when she complained that she was hungry and wanted to eat McDonald's, I thinking nothing of it went and mockingly said "Eeeeh Cannot, McDonald's is Haram" and guess what she believed me and started panicking... This is what I mean by fear the simple labelling of the word Haram on something that has been the norm for quite some time. The fact that once someone educated says something is Haram, people will believe it, furthermore people coming out with factsheets explaining why something is Haram, here I will refer to the posts in the social media a few months back that Coca-Cola had Alcohol in it, and the problem is that even well educated individuals end up believing it too because it's what society believes.

Starbucks is Haram because people claimed that by buying a latte mochachino frappe you are giving money to the "Yahudi" to continue their "oppression" of Palestine, and this is what a large majority believed, Yoga is Haram because by doing yoga we are apparently praising Hindu deities and becoming apostates. These are all misconceptions that are strewn about willy-nilly and in a way it becomes a form of control for these people who have the authority to declare something Haram and come out with a Fatwa on it.

Fatwa's are being issued so fervently and frequently that its so easy to question the reason's why, however due to the fear of supposed "Divine Punishment" people don't question and further narrow their minds and regress back into the stone age if i may be so bold.

Basically people are so scared of supposed "religious authority" that they forgo the natural phenomena call logic and reasoning

I belive that is all i have to say on this topic


Thursday, March 8, 2012


What is the most primordial thing that pushes a person to do something? Throughout history there have been many explanations ranging from genetics all the way to divine presence. Each theory has had its loopholes but one theory that I feel is the most flawed is the theory of divine presence. In recent years the number of crimes and accidents attributed to supposed divine presence has increased dramatically for example the burning of the artist who made a parody of the prophet Muhammad, pictures of his charred body have been circulating throughout the social media i.e Facebook with explanations that he was burned by god for insulting the Prophet. This I feel is a gross misconception because what proof is there that God had a hand in the burning of the artists house while he was in it? taking a line from Ricky Gervaisie How do these people know that it was an act of God to they have a hotline that connects straight to God to ask him?

I question not the belief in God but the mediums used to encourage that belief in God a.k.a Religion, Each religion preaches loving your fellow man no matter what colour,race,ethnicity or creed but yet they call those who do not adhere to their religion infidels and wage a Jihad on their asses, I mean where is the logic in that, its like going to your neighbour who's chinese and saying hey i love you man and then taking a scalpel and cutting off his eyelids so he has big round eyes like everyone else.

I know people say Religion doesn't kill people, people kill people, but religion is the reason why people kill people.

i guess that's basically it, I may be back to write about more random things, til then