Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The idea of justice on an international level is a very biased idea, in the sense that the only crimes that are investigated are the crimes of individuals in middle eastern, African and Asian countries and very few western countries. Why? because no matter how much the UN claims to be unbiased they are still subservient to America due to their status as a "superpower" but really what merits them this status? the only thing they have is guns and obesity, the only time they contribute to "humanitarian" aid is when it can bring positive effects to them a.k.a control of oil reserves.

So why don't we have a International Criminal Court that is truly international in the sense that all countries superpowers included must adhere to the Rome statute and criminals from countries such as America, Great Britain. Germany and such are also tried at this level. won't this situation show the essence of true and unbiased international Law

Heshalom aleichem.